Meghalaya Piggery Mission

  • To provide livelihood to traditional piggery farmers
  • To encourage rearing and breeding of good stock
  • Increase pork production in the region
  • Induction of cooperatives
  • Educate, train and encourage farmers to produce clean and hygienic meat
  • Piggery Mission

Role of DVO and District Nodal Officer of AH & Veterinary Department

  • Explain the technical aspects of Pig Breeding / Fattening business to members of the Cooperatives, i.e. selection of breed, boar to sow ratio, duration of weaning, lactating and fattening periods, etc.
  • Explain the physical infrastructure requirement to members of the Cooperatives.
  • Explain the risks involved in running Pig Breeding / Pig Fattening units
  • Examine if the Cooperative has the required land area to start Pig Breeding / Fattening units
  • Authenticate and recommend the application submitted by the Cooperatives jointly with the District Nodal Officer of the Cooperation Department

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