Pig Farm at Laitryngew ( Sohra)

Located in one of the wettest places on Earth, Government Pig Farm, Sohra was established in the year 2001-2002 under  the State Plan Scheme with only 5 (five) pigs and it has since grown to house 10 adult pigs. It was established with the objectives to improve the germplasm of the local pigs through cross-breeding and to facilitate easy distribution of pigs to educated unemployed youths as well as to local farmers. With a total area of 27.715 acres under the farm, it consists of two sheds along with an MR quarter, a feed go-down as well as a water reservior which serves as a source of water supply for the farm. During the last five years the farm was able to produce an average of 114 piglets per year which were sucessfully distributed to local farmers.