Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department

The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary is entrusted with the responsibility of all aspect of Livestock and Poultry Development, like, production, processing and marketing of livestock and poultry and their products through augmentation of production of milk, meat, eggs and wool. Animal health care service and prevention of animal diseases is a priority for maintenance of a healthy stock for optimum production. Creation of suitable infrastructure for breeding, feeding and management of livestock and poultry, processing of milk, meat and eggs and marketing of livestock and livestock products is also given due importance. Besides, the Department is engaged in providing the required training and extension support to livestock producers so as to promote scientific rearing of livestock and poultry amongst them with consequent generation of employment avenues in the rural areas.

To bring about a developmental change in livestock and poultry sector, number of programmes and infrastructure development were undertaken by the Government where the activities of the Department were mainly centered round the following broad objectives :

  • 1. Providing protection to livestock and poultry from the ravages of diseases through treatments and preventive vaccinations.
  • 2. Introducing improved breeding techniques for upgrading the local stock .
  • 3. Ensuring better Animal Husbandry practices through adoption of Extension and Research.
  • 4. Building up of adequate technical and professional man-power through Education and Training.
  • 5. Encouraging setting of Livestock and Poultry Industries.