Pig Breeding Farm at Kyrdemkulai

Location Kyrdemkulai, Ri Bhoi District

Year of Establishment -1986 - 87 (N.E.C Financed) & 1993 - 94 (State Government)


1. To maintain a 60 Sow unit breeding stock of Hampshire breed of pigs and subsequently raised to 100 sow unit.
2. To produce pure-bred Hampshire pigs for supplying to the Government Farms and Private Pig Breeders.
3. To supply pure-bred Hampshire breed to the other States of North Eastern Region.
4. To supply Hampshire pigs for improvement of local pig stock under various Piggery development programmes such as I.R.D.P., S.L.P.P. etc.
5. To impart training to the technical staffs, farmers and to Educated Un-employed Youth.
Capacities - 100 Sows.
Breeding Stock Reared / Maintained
1. Hampshire, 2. T.D.N. 3. Hampshire Cross