Piggery Development

Pig rearing is an integral part of rural life in Meghalaya. The pig is an amazing creature for the service of mankind. Its high adaptability to a wide range of environments, resistance to diseases, high reproductive efficiency and adjustable feeding habits makes the pig the ideal meat animal of choice for the North Eastern States like Meghalaya. It is this pig which can meet the challenge of Protein Hunger of the State. Given the adequate environment including housing, feeding, management and disease control, rearing of pigs throughout the State would be ideal as is already noticed in the State Pig Farms particularly the one at Kyrdemkulai. Departmental efforts in future plans would be directed to extend supply of quality pigs along with infra-structural support for input supplies, services, disease control and marketing in all the villages covering all the blocks in the State in a phased manner. In fact, Piggery development in Meghalaya demands a massive effort on PRIORITY basis. It is here the State can build an all-India reputation which no other livestock in the State can ever match. At present the department have introduced Hampshire, Saddle Back and other Cross Breed Pigs for producing inputs for supplying to the farmers for upgradation of local indigenous stock so that production level is enhanced.