Multiplier Pig Farm, Manai-Mawsawa

The Multiplier Pig Farm, Mawsawa, Eastern West Khasi Hills District was established under National Livestock Mission ( Centrally Sponsored Scheme). It was inaugurated on the 21st  December 2022 by Shri Metbah Lyngdoh, Honourable Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and MLA of Mairang Constituency in the presence of  Syiem of Hima Nongkhlaw, Pa’iem P.M Syiemlieh, the then  Deputy Commissioner, Eastern West Khasi Hills District, W. Nongsiej, Director of  Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department, Dr (Mrs) A. Laloo, and other Senior Officers.

Mission: The objective of the Farm is to produce improved breeds of piglets which are larger in size and grow faster, to be sold to the farmers at subsidised rate, so as to increase the income of pig farmers.

Target for the Farm:- The target for the farm is to keep 80 Sows and 20 Boars with 2 Adult Sheds, 2 Farrowing Sheds and 1 Boar Shed

Stock Position:-  At present there are 33 number of pigs in the farm (23 Gilts, 3 Boars, 1 Young Boar,1 Sow and 5 Female Growers )

Breeds maintained in the Farm -Pure Hampshire Breeds and Hampshire Cross Bred Pigs