Dairy Activities

Under Dairy Development, the main objective of the schemes are for overall development of Dairy Sector like supply of wholesome milk to consumers. Generally, milk is procured from different Dairy Co-operative Societies and farmers where it is being brought to the different Dairy Plants for pasturing the same before distribution to the consumers. The different schemes implemented under this sector are :-

  • Cattle Cum Dairy Development Project
  • Dairy Plants
  • Rural Dairy Extension Centres
  • Creamery and Ghee Making Centres
  • Chilling Centres
  • Schemes for Employment Generation for Educated Un-employed Youth
  • Establishment of Marketing Packaging Centre
  • Integrated Dairy Development Project under non operation flood for Hilly and Backward areas

Location of Dairy Plants

At present, there are are three Dairy plants located at Mawiong (Shillong) Jowai and Tura with a capacity 10,000 Litres for Mawiong and 2,000 Litres capacity each for Jowai and Tura. Three Chilling centres located at Resubelpara, Nongstoin and Latyrke have also been established within the State. One Creamery and Ghee making Centre has also been established at Ganol.

At present, 36 Dairy Co-operative Societies have been organised and functioning within the East Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi District. It is also proposed to organise 30 Dairy Co-operative Societies in Jaintia Hills District and 31 Dairy Co-operative Societies in Garo Hills Districts. The process of organising new Dairy Co-operative Societies are in progress. It is presumed that there will be substantial improvement in Dairy activities with in the State which will cater the need for milk and milk products to the consumers of the State.

One I.D.D.P. project is at present functioning covering the two Districts of East Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi. Two such I.D.D.P. projects are under implementation at Jowai and Tura. The capacity of the dairy plant at the above places will also be enhanced from 2000 Litres to 8000 Litres which will be made fully functioned soon.

Considering the vast potentiality of Dairy Development activities within the State, efforts are on to improve the marketing and processing facility of milk and milk products to boost up the rural economy.