Regional Poultry Breeding Farm at Kyrdemkulai

Location Kyrdemkulai, Ri Bhoi District

Year of Establishment 1973 – 74


1. To maintain highly productive layer strains.
2. To plan & execute breeding programme where a steady response in scientific in selection procedure is obtained for overall productivity of the birds.
3. To carry out research works in collaboration with the Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding A.A.U. Khanapara, with a view to find a new information relating to the improvement of layer strains.
4. To distribute breeding birds to various Centres of N.E.R. for further multiplication & distribution to farmers.
5. To impart Training to interested farmers for poultry production & Management.
6. To Supply strain - cross birds directly to farmers & to follow up the breeding policy of the Farm.

Capacities 1. Layers - 2,000 Nos. 2. Broiler - 3,000 Nos.

Breeding Stock Reared / Maintained

Layers 1. White Leg Horn - (WLH) 2. Rhode Island Red (RIR) 3. BV380

Broiler 1. Samrat 2. Vikram