Meghalaya Milk Mission

Meghalaya Milk Mission
  • Meghalaya Milk Mission is a Scheme for progressive dairy registered with different DCS ready to start with Community Farming and Community Ranches.

  • This Mission stresses on:-

    1. It is meant to aid Farmers by means of a loan with subsidy for 2000 dairy farmers.

    2. To provide Milk Testing machines and chilling units for Societies to ascertain that the milk send to the market is clean.

    3. To provide different breed of cattle with better milk production.

    4. To encourage Community Ranches for easier management of cattle.

    5. To provide feed and encourage planting of fodder for the dairy cattle especially during lean period.

    6. To guide farmers to keep proper breeding records for their cows to ascertain better yield in the future.

  • Meghalaya Milk Mission - Mission Document¬†pdf icon (6.43 MB)