Cattle Farms

1. Name of the Farm - Indo Danish Project, Upper Shillong.

Location Upper Shillong, East Khasi Hills District.

Year of Establishment 1974


1. Further development of the existing farm using the latest techniques of pasture development, fodder production and conservation.
2. Establishment of pure breed of Fresian and Jersey Cattle to provide foundation Stock for the production of bulls of high genetic potential for cross breeding programme in the State and Region.
3. Establishment of Crossbred herd for demonstrating and distribution purposes with a view to study its relative performance.
4. Development of a Training Centre for personnel engage in feeding, breeding and management of exotic and cross bred Cattle and cross breeding programme with indigenous Cattle.

Capacities 120 Nos.

Breeding Stock Reared/ Maintained: Holstein Fresian Cross

2. Name of the Farm - Regional Cross bred Cattle Breeding Project, Kyrdemkulai

Location Kyrdemkulai, Ri Bhoi District.

Year of Establishment 1974 - 75


1. To produce high quality Jersey Bulls for supporting the Cross breeding Programme in the State through I.C.D.P. and other development areas.
2. Distribution of Cross bred Bulls for natural breeding in remote areas.
3. Training the farmers and Field Staff in management of Cross bred Cattle.
4. Supply of pure bred and Cross bred breeding Stock to other States in the Region.
5. Supply of milk to the Central Dairy, Shillong.

Capacities 152 Nos.

Breeding Stock Reared 1. Jersey / Maintained 2. Jersey Cross 3. Jersey X Holstein Fresian Cross

3. Name of the Farm - Cattle Farm, Saitsama

Location Saitsama, West Jaintia Hills District

Year of Establishment 1990 - 91


1. As Demonstration Farm.
2. To provide Young breeding bulls to the local breeders.

Capacities 50 Milch Cows.

Breeding Stock Reared / Maintained

1. Jersey 2. Holstein Fresian

4. Name of the Farm - Cattle Farm, Rongkhon

Location Rongkhon, West Garo Hills District.

Year of Establishment 1974


The farm was initially started as a demonstration one which was later on expanded to meet the demand of milk as well as for production of Cross bred Cattle for upgrading the local ones.

Capacities 109 Nos.

Breeding Stock Reared/ Maintained

1. Jersey Cross 2. Holstein Fresian Cross

Rates of cattle

Sl. No. Category Revised rate at the farm Revised rate at marketing cell
1 Male calves
i) 6 months & above 5000.00 per animal 6000.00 per animal
ii) 8 months & above 6000.00 per animal 7000.00 per animal
2 Female calves
i) 6-12 months old 20000.00 per animal 28000.00 per animal
ii) 12-18 months old 22000.00 per animal 32000.00 per animal
3 Pregnant heifers
i) with 3 months of pegnancy 50000.00 per animal 60000.00 per animal
ii) more than 3 months 60000.00 per animal 70000.00 per animal
4 Cow dung 200.00 per quintal
5 Culled animal As per recommendation of the culling committe


Name of the Farm Buffalo Farm, Songsak

Location Songsak, East Garo Hills District.

Year of Establishment 1997 - 98


1. To generate economic development of the people and motivate them
2. To distribute high yielding variety genetic Stock in the public for the upliftment of the local Stock.

Capacities - Target 32 Buffaloes + 8 Calves

Breeding Stock Reared / Maintained Murrah Buffalo

Cattle Development: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Government of Meghalaya

Cattle Development

For all round development of Cattle wealth in the different parts of the State, various development programmes such as Cattle Breeding Farms for producing inputs for distribution. Intensive Cattle Development Projects for cross breeding and upgradation programme have been taken up by the department. For peoples participation in production, incentives in the form of Grant in Aid and Subsidies are provided so that production status is enhanced to meet the state demands

Cattle Breeding Farms

Four Cattle breeding farms - e.g. Indo-Danish Project, Upper Shillong, (East Khasi Hills); Regional Cross Bred Cattle Breeding Farm, Kyrdemkulai (Ri Bhoi District); Cattle Farm, Khliehtyrshi, (Jaintia Hills District) and Livestock Farm, Rongkhon (West Garo Hills) have been established to produce improved breeding stock for development of cattle in the State to boost up production of milk, Apart from this, these farms supply wholesome milk to the neighbouring urban areas and serve as the visual demonstration units in scientific method of rearing, feeding and management of cattle which includes fodder cultivation. One Buffalo Farm has also been established at Songsak (East Garo Hills) to initiate Buffalo Breeding Programme.

Intensive Cattle Development Project

The Intensive Cattle Development Project, one at Upper Shillong and the other at Tura, have been established in the State to take up an integrated approach in development of cattle breeding, fodder development etc. The objective of the project is to upgrade the local cows through introduction of better germplasm of the exotic Fresian and Jersey breeds and to induct the local tribal breeders to adopt modern scientific techniques in Animal Husbandry. The project also help to educate and encourage the farmers about requirement of feed and fodder. Subsidy for growing of fodder is also provided by the project. The activities of the project is discharged through a network of Stockman Centres established in different parts of the State. At present, Frozen Semen Technology is being used for artificial insemination service which are provided at the farmers door step. Two Liquid Nitrogen Plant has been installed in the state for the purpose.